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Welcome to Mark Baggett - In Depth Defense

I am the course Author of SANS SEC573 Automating Information Security with Python. Check back frequently for updated tools and articles related to course material.

Three Free Python apps to improve your defenses and incident response

I did a SANS Webcast on a couple of tools I developed to use automation to enhance your network defenses and incident response capability.    If you missed it you can check it out here:

Kringlecon Escaping Python Shells

If you had told 8 year old me that one day I would get to travel to the North Pole, meet Santa Claus and speak at Kringlecon I would, in complete honestly, have thought you were crazy and ran screaming to my parents in fear of you.   But it happened!   I gave a short talk at Kringlecon.   The talk was an abbreviated version of the talk I gave at SANS Pen Test Hackfest in 2018.   I will also be giving the full talk a few time at SANS conferences in 2019 so come by and see it.
You can download the associated sample code and follow along at here.
Check out Kringlecon here.

You can watch the Kringlecon talk here:

Security Onion getting the most from and Domain States

My talk at Security Onion conference has been posted and is available for viewing here.

Python Decorators Webcast

In October I did a SANS Webcast on Python Decorators.  It was recorded and is available on YouTube.   Check it out.