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Welcome to Mark Baggett - In Depth Defense

I am the course Author of SANS SEC573 Automating Information Security with Python. Check back frequently for updated tools and articles related to course material.

SRUM_DUMP_CSV Beta Test Released

I've released a BETA test of the SRUM_DUMP_CSV forensics tool.   A few people have reported crashes when SRUM_DUMP processing large Application Event logs.   The problem is resolved with the new version of the tool that produce individual CSV files instead of a single XLSX file. 

Check it out!

Use Python and Scapy to Easily Do Full Duplex Stream Reassembly!

Check out this blog on how to get scapy to do full packet reassembly in just a few lines of Python code.

SQLMAP Tamper Scripts

Check out this article on using Python to automate SQLi with SQLMAP!