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Welcome to Mark Baggett - In Depth Defense

I am the course Author of SANS SEC573 Automating Information Security with Python. Check back frequently for updated tools and articles related to course material.

Senior SANS Instructor
GSE #15
Internet Storm Center Handler
Penetration Testing and Incident Response Consultant
Technical Advisor to DoD for The SANS Institute
Founding President of the Greater Augusta ISSA
Cofounder of BSidesAugusta Security Conference

FREQ SERVER - Tool and technique for detecting Malware Command and Control domains
DOMAIN_STATES - Tool for detecting "Baby Domains" used for phishing and Malware distribution
SRUM_DUMP - Forensics tool for extracting System Resource Utilization Monitoring artifacts
LIAM_NEESON - Proof of Concept Linux Hash Protection
HONEY_HASHES - Certainly Honey Tokens have been around since 2003 but I created a cool technique for creating fake SATs in memory that was turned into Dell Secure Works DCEPT framework.
VSSOWN - Tool & Technique for Using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies for hiding malware and extracting artifacts
SDB Hacking - Using Application Compatibility in unexpected ways.
SET-KBLED - Utility for Managing Clevo and Sager Laptop LED Backlit Keyboards - Scapy based fragement reassembly engine - A password cracker for the EAP protocol

and more. Most of these tools are available on my github page. Follow me on twitter @markbaggett

An archive of media links / TV Interviews

On who should learn information security

TV interview after a TEDx Talk

Some footage was also used in this article:

After 40 minutes of super insightful discussion on ways to reduce your exposure to tracking they picked the MOST AWESOME quote.  (Time machine on order)  Note to self:  If you say anything goofy that will be the only thing that airs.

Tweetpaths is cool

Web Cam hacking…

Year in Review. 2015 Blogs, Tools, Research & Articles

Continuous Monitoring for Random Strings/DGA with

Detecting Randomly Generated Host Names

Is that a URL or BASE64 encoded string?

The last Security tool you will ever need.
Offensive Countermeasures against Linux password theft

Crazy Sexy Hacking

Honey Hashes - Detecting Mimikatz usage:

I am the World's GREATEST Hacker video:

Spot on Podcast.__init__

Python for WMI Queries- Of course you want to …