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Welcome to Mark Baggett - In Depth Defense

I am the course Author of SANS SEC573 Automating Information Security with Python. Check back frequently for updated tools and articles related to course material.

Controlling iPhones in your enterprise

iPhone 2.0 is really cool and it will, like all other Microsoft Mobile devices, allow the user to synchronize their email to the device unless you take action to prevent it.   Whether you plan to support the iphone or not you will need to take some steps if you want any control of the devices in your enterprise.   See these arguments in support of the iPhone.  And this organization that suggests not supporting it.  
If your not supporting iPhones you have a couple of options.   You can block the requestes based on their User-Agent by using isapirewrite as I suggested in an earlier blog.   The iPhones USER-AGENT string is  Apple-iPhone/501.347 so your new isapi filters begin to look like this..
RewriteEngine  on#Block Blackberry, iphones and other smartphonesRewriteCond %{HTTP:User-Agent}  (?:BWC.Worker.*|BWC.Engine.*|MSFT-SPhone.*|PalmOne-TreoAce.*|AvantGO.*|Apple-iPhone.*) [NC]  RewriteRule .? -  [F,L]  
This is a good approach for handling any devices that use WEBDAV or OWA Screen scra…

Security is Risk Management

I just came across this picture.   It is a great reminder to security professionals to set priorities and focus on the high risk items.    Don't focus your attention on reducing your screen saver time-outs from 30 minutes to 15 minutes if your using telnet on your financial systems.   Remember, calculate your SLE (Single Loss Expectancy) based upon the value of the assets and the vulnerability.  Calculate your ALE (Annual Loss Expectancy) based upon the likelihood the threat will manifest itself.   Then address the issues that really pose the greatest threat to your organization.   Don't focus on the Jackhammer noise and overlook the cigarette in your mouth.